questions about using a catering service!

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Unique salad and fruits plates perfect for any event.

Unique salad and fruits plates perfect for any event.


What are the options I have for determining the type of service I will need for my event?

You have four options:

1 - The first is our full service cater, which includes staff and buffet style service . All of the prices listed on our menu are for this type of service. Suggested gratuity for this type of catered service is 18%. Please inquire for sit-down style service.

2 - The second is a drop-off service. Your menu selections will be hot (or cold) & ready and dropped off and set-up at the location of your event. The food will be in aluminum containers, with aluminum foil covering or plastic wrap. Pa-per products are not included with this option; you have the option to order them from us if you like. Your delivery fee will be based on the location of your event as well as your total menu cost. Suggested gratuity for this type of catered service is 10%.

3 - The third option is a pick-up cater. You will pick up your hot (or cold) food at our Silverton location, ready to serve. The food will be in aluminum containers, with aluminum foil covering or plastic wrap. Paper products are not included with this option; you have the option to order them from us if you like. Suggested gratuity for this service is 10%.

4 - The fourth option is choosing a menu from our platters to go menu for pick-up only. Depending on the menu you choose, you will receive your food on heavy duty black plastic trays or aluminum foil containers covered with aluminum foil. Paper products are not included with this option; you have the option to order them from us if you like.

        We also offer the option of renting our chaffing dishes for the pick-up, drop-off or platters to go menu. The price is listed on the bottom of the platters to go menu.

What is included in the per person price?

The per person price you see in our menu is based on a full service cater. Please inquire about pricing for all other catering options.

The per person price on the menu not only includes your freshly prepared food, but also high quality paper prod-ucts, the labor to set up, maintain and break down a buffet style service (up to three hours for most events). If you are interested in having china plates and utensils, elegant clear plastic, bar service, or if you would like to know if we can accommodate a sit-down service for your event, please call us for a custom quote. Gratuity is not included, however, an optional suggestion will be included in your final contract.

Why do we include an optional gratuity amount?

Gratuity is included on your contract to help you figure out the approximate total due. Gratuity is optional and payable upon the completion of your event. Gratuity is based upon the service provided at your event and is distributed to the hardworking staff who helps ensure that your event is a success.

What is the purpose of the contract and why do I need to sign one?

We are happy to verbally confirm availability of your desired date, however, all bookings are considered tentative until we receive your signed contract and your deposit. The contract is designed to specify and guarantee the date and details of your event. Having a contract between us assures you that we won’t book the date you have reserved as well as protecting us from lost business once we commit to catering your function on that date. Your contract will state the deadline for your final guest count, the deposit due, when full payment must be received and all other event details.


Dessert. The best part and its all homemade.

Freshly prepared meats onsite or pre-cooked and ready to heat up!

Freshly prepared meats onsite or pre-cooked and ready to heat up!

Can you provide alcohol service for my event?

Yes, we are proud to offer alcohol services for your event. We can provide bar service for events at which we are already catering or we can provide bar services only. The attached menus will explain the details with this service.

Can I provide the alcohol and have your licensed server serve at my event?

Unfortunately, Insurance guidelines do not allow us to serve the alcohol unless we are providing it.

Can I provide some of the alcohol or ask for specialty drinks?

Yes, we will allow you to provide personalized or sentimental wine to be served by our servers. There will be an $8.00 per bottle corkage fee, which will be added to your invoice. Yes, we will prepare a specialty drink or purchase a specialty liquor, wine, or beer if it is available to us.

What if I need to rent tables, chairs or specialty items?

We would be glad to refer a rental company, or we can take your order and take care of all the details, which would include ordering your items, setting up, delivery and pick up and paying the invoice. The cost will depend on your rental items ordered in combination with your catering order and will be added to your invoice. In addition, if you find that any detail has been left off your contract. Please contact us prior to signing and returning your contract.


I would like to have cloth linens for my event. Can you help me?

We’d be glad to! We can provide solid color restaurant-quality linens to you at a very reasonable price. We are happy to work with you to determine how to best decorate your guest tables and buffet tables to ensure your event is exactly as you envision it. We also provide the linens to dress our buffet tables at no cost to you! If your event is longer than the catering service is needed we ask that you will return the linens by the following business day after your event. Please call our office for a quote for your specific event.

The facility where I am holding my event charges the caterer a fee. How does this affect me?

If the facility you are using for your event requires the caterer to pay a fee (usually a percentage of the food and beverage), then we will list that as a separate item on your invoice. It will be the exact amount we are required to pay the facility – nothing more. Your contract will specify whether the facility you have selected requires caterers to pay a fee.

Are there any costs I might be surprised to find at the conclusion of my event?

No way! Every item is listed in your contract, as well as the gratuity amount. There will be no costs that you were not informed or aware of.

How do I start the process of picking out my menu?

While looking through our menu you will notice there are some pre-designed menus for you. These are some of our customer favorites! You may either choose one of these pre-designed menus or you may design your own. If you would like help choosing your menu and planning your event just ask our Catering Manager. If there is something that you have in mind that is not on our menu, or if you have a favorite recipe just ask, we would be glad to make ithappen for you!

What if I need my wedding cake or other dessert cut and served?

We will be happy to provide plates, forks, and napkins and we will cut and serve your wedding cake or dessert. Please refer to our services menu for the pricing. We will not be responsible for the handling of your wedding cake before or after we have cut and served. If we are providing your dessert, we will take care of all the clean up and dis-posal or disbursement of the remaining dessert.

Is there a delivery fee?

In some cases yes, it depends on the number of guests at your event, as well as where the event is taking place. Please ask our Catering Manager if you are unsure. For all drop-off services there will be a delivery fee, please ask our Catering Manager for a quote based on your location.

Homemade breads of all kinds!

Homemade breads of all kinds!

Do I have to have staff at my event?

Not necessarily, we will work with you to find the appropriate menu and services that are needed to make your event exactly as you envision it.

How will the food stay hot and fresh before we eat and while we are going through the buffet line?

We use approved technology for maintaining safe food temperatures for all our food. We will be cooking your food on site & our chefs will have the appropriate thermometers to ensure the proper temperature of your food. Once the food is prepared and ready to serve, we’ll place it in our chaffing dishes on the buffet line for service. Beneath the chaffing dishes will be burning sternos, these elements will heat the chaffing dishes to ensure the temperature is not lost while your guests are going through the buffet line. We will work with you to ensure that your service period no longer than 40 minutes, in order to maintain the proper temperature of your food items.

Can I order multiple entrees and sides for my guests?

Yes! There are two ways you can do this with the entrée selection. You can either order enough of both entrées for everyone and receive a discount on the second item, or you can get an RSVP from your guest as to what they intend to eat that evening. Either way you may add additional entrees and sides if you wish. The menu will list the specific price for the extra side you are requesting, for side choices you receive a discount per person with each ad-ditional item ordered.

Will I receive a discount if my guest count is over a certain number?

Yes, please inquire with our office for groups over 200 people.

When is the final head count due?

We ask for the final head count 7 business days before your event. If you are concerned that you may run out of food because you did not ask for an RSVP from your guests we will be happy to discuss this with you and offer our suggestions based on experience. It is better to have more food than not enough!

What do you do with the left over food?

What would you like us to do with your food? You can specify your wishes and they will be repeated and honored in your contract. Once your guests are finished going through the buffet line, we will then transfer the uneaten food to aluminum foil disposable pans. We generally ask our client where they would like us to leave it. Once we have left the event we are not responsible for the food temperature and holding of your left over food.